Henry started his adventure in Denmark while studied in Copenhagen Technical University working as a sous chef for many restaurants to make extra income for the university. In 1995, he moved to US, and found the perfect place in Westminster to put his own recipes together and called it Capone’s pasta and pizza. Henry was so successful with his first restaurant that his customers were standing in line to try his food. After only year and half he opened the second location in Huntington Beach (Capone’s Cucina) and later sold to his brother and moved on….In 2004, he went back to Europe to add more to his culinary experience.
As an experience chef and restaurateur, Henry has drawn on his international training to bring Truffle Bistro Tapas style to the city of Orange where he lives since 2004. Henry spent much of his life traveling throughout Europe honing his skills as a restaurateur. He enjoys the cuisine of every continent, but he has always a respect and passion for classic Italian or Mediterranean fare. Truffle Bistro achieves a lifelong goal of presenting warm, fresh and flavorful Mediterranean food to the city of Orange.